We will doing everything to protect our customers and employees from Covid-19. Starting 3/16 we will be bringing paperwork to your vehicles and taking your pets into our facility until this crisis has passed. We will bring your pets to your vehicle when they are ready to be picked up. We are sanitizing pens and clipboards with each use.

Our office is also our home so please understand our concern. Some of us have elderly and immunocompromised family members and are concerned about passing this virus onto them. We hate that we are having to take these measures during your time of loss, but feel this is something we must do to protect everyone. If you have any questions please call and ask to speak with Kathy Knighten.

Welcome to Rolling Meadows Pet Crematory

We are located at 2545 Meadows Lane in Longview, Texas 75603. We are a family owned Pet Crematory that services individuals and Veterinarians in the surrounding North East Texas area.   We love our pets very much, at times it’s been thought a little too much, but we’re o.k. with that.  We know what it’s like to lose a cherished pet.  We understand the heartbreak and pain associated with a pets death and we feel no one should feel ashamed of the grief and mourning of a pet because it hurts just as bad, if not worse, than a human loved one for some of us.  “They’re not just a pet, they are part of our families”.

You’ve given your beloved pet to the finest of veterinary care, the healthiest foods and a lifetime of love and care.  Ensuring excellent afterlife care is the ultimate final gift you can offer.

No one likes to contemplate the day a much-loved pet will be gone.   Losing our animal companions always leaves empty places in our lives, whether our pets depart unexpectedly, succumb after a long illness or simply surrender to old age.

Cremation is a compassionate solution to a challenging problem, allowing you to bestow a closing gift of dignity upon your cherished friends. We at Rolling Meadows Pet Crematory are completely dedicated to providing you with the best afterlife pet care available. We can help you in your time of grief by caring for you and your special pets with respect and understanding.

Whether you choose to scatter your companion’s cremains or memorialize them in a decorative urn, Rolling Meadows Pet Crematory allows you to create a lasting memory of your treasured moments together.

We provide professional pet crematory services in the greater Longview area and specialize in private individual cremations. Partitioned cremations are also available, using less fuel for a smaller environmental impact and of course lowering the cost for cremation.

We offer pet cremation services for any small pet weighing fewer than 200 pounds. Pick-up is complimentary at most veterinarian clinics, and home pick-up is available at a nominal charge. 

Rolling Meadows Pet Crematory is a family-owned business committed to providing exceptional service, offering vet clinics and pet owners prompt, courteous attention.

You may request our services through your vet or contact us directly by phone: (903) 746-0259.

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