Private Cremation
1-20 lbs $155.00
21-40 lbs $175.00
41-60 lbs $195.00
61-80 lbs $215.00
81-100 lbs $235.00
101-120 lbs $255.00
121-140 lbs $275.00
141-160 lbs $295.00
Partitioned Cremation
1-20 lbs $115.00
21-40 lbs $135.00
41-60 lbs $155.00
61-80 lbs $175.00
81lbs + n/a

Private Cremation:  Your pet and numbered identification tag is placed in crematory machine alone with no other pets during the duration of the cremation. 

Partitioned Cremation: Your pet is  cremated with other pets in the same crematory chamber but in separate stainless steel pans.   Your pet is placed in a stainless steel pan along with a numbered identification tag that is placed in the pan with them. The identification tag lets us know this is your pet in the pan. When we pull your pet out of the machine we know without a doubt we have your pet. It is an economical service that saves time and fuel consumption.  This service is available on pets up to 80 lbs.

Communal Cremation:  You pet will be cremated with multiple pets and your pet’s cremains will not be returned to you after this process.  All communal cremains will be buried on Rolling Meadows Pet Crematory property.  Communal cremation is for pet parents that are not able to take their pets home, but do not wish for them to go to a landfill.  

Both Private & Partitioned Cremations include pick-up and from your vets office within 30 miles round trip of our facility. Any mileage over 30 miles will be charged @ 1.50 per mile.  You can schedule an appointment during normal business hours to drop off your pet to our facility and receive a 10% Discount off of your pets cremation.  Your pet’s cremains will be returned to you in a Black & White Paw Print Memorial scatter urn along with a personalized cremation certificate and grief packet.


Diamond Package

Emerald Package

Opal Package

Pet Urn - Natural MDF Box Ensemble

Ruby Package

Pearl Package

Individual Clay Paw print

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